10 Effective Digital Marketing Strategies for Start-ups

10 Effective Digital Marketing Strategies for Start-ups

How to market a startup business?

There are various ways of marketing a startup business. Some of the best ways are engaging your potential customer, building the credibility of your brand, crafting creative content, and sending e-coupons.

In the competitive business world of today, the startup businesses are the ones that face the most challenges. While it may seem to be exciting to launch your own startup, ensuring its successful establishment is the tough part. As marketing is the core of every business, startups need to implement the best promotional campaigns to attract the attention of potential customers. To stay competitive in the digital era, startup companies need to adopt the best digital marketing strategies to grow their business and stand strong against stiff competitions. 

When you are thinking of implementing the startup marketing strategy ideas, make sure it is in alignment with your business goals. Here are 10 best and effective digital marketing strategies that work well for startup businesses.

For instance, LiveMint made use of the best digital marketing strategies and was able to bring great success. The company witnessed an increase in its conversion rate by a significant percentage.

1. Email Marketing

Despite the perception of some people that email is no longer a strong marketing tool, it continues to offer increased ROI to the businesses. While the number of email users across the globe was 3.9 billion in the year 2019, it is expected to reach 4.3 billion in 2023. The figures are quite convincing and clearly indicate that email marketing is a digital marketing strategy that the startups should not miss out on. 

In comparison to other marketing channels like direct mail, paid search, and social media, email marketing proves to be more effective. By harnessing the true potential of email marketing, you can achieve the best benefits for your business. In order to make your email marketing successful, you need to craft an engaging and crisp email.

It helps you to grab the attention of your target customers. Frame a catchy subject line and write the email in a persuasive language. In the email, you can also talk about the benefits that you provide. It will trigger an interest in the minds of the receiver to know more about your startup. 

2. Pay-Per-Click Marketing

When you are launching your startup, PPC marketing can work wonders in improving your website traffic. Pay-Per-Click or PPC Marketing is one of the most widely used marketing strategies for most businesses. It makes use of search engine advertising to increase the number of visitors to your website. If you are looking for the generation of more sales-ready leads, PPC is one of the best tools. Apart from ensuring more ROI, it helps you in connecting to the right audience at the right time. 

As the marketing budgets of the startups are usually low, making use of PPC can enable you to control your spending effectively. Without having to wait long for the desired results, you can get it within much less time. When you are looking for short term campaigns, PPC marketing is the best option. By running the campaign for a few months only, you can get the desired outcomes. It allows you to grow your revenues and drive more targeted website traffic simply through the placement of the focused keywords. 

3. Social Media Marketing

The rapid proliferation of social media platforms is changing the way how businesses are marketing their brand. Social media marketing is one of the best online marketing strategies that can help your startup stay ahead in recent times. According to various surveys, social media marketing has become a core element of every business.

For startups, this digital marketing strategy can bring in the best outcomes. It helps you to reach out and connect with customers throughout the globe. It not only increases your business exposure but also helps in enhancing your search engine rankings. Generating leads and improving your sales becomes easy with social media marketing.

But to make your social media campaign successful, you need to keep posting high quality and engaging content regularly. The social media posts will keep your audience engaged and increases the reliability of your brand. You can make use of different platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram to promote your startup the best.

But only using social media marketing is not enough. You need to use it in the right way. Choose the right social media platform and craft unique content that will attract the attention of your potential customers. Being active on social media platforms can help you in enhancing brand awareness and adding value to your startup.

4. Search Engine Optimisation

Wondering how to attract more visitors to your website? Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the key. When it comes to the SEO for startups, it includes all the techniques and strategies used for increasing the visitor count for the website. While there might be many other startups working in the same niche, standing out becomes difficult. Here, SEO can help your startup business. It helps your website to achieve a higher position on the popular search engines. Now that you occupy a high rank, your target customers can easily find you.

Whenever your potential customers search for the related keywords to your product or services, your website comes in the top list. With increased visibility, SEO enhances your website traffic. Moreover, it gives the customers the impression that your startup company is a reputed one and increases their trust level. Among all the startup marketing strategies, SEO is an ideal option for greater success. Conducting keyword research and tracking your SEO ranking can increase your success even more. 

5. Content Marketing

As content is the king of every website, content marketing is one of the must-have strategies of digital marketing for startups. Creating and publishing quality content on your website is the best way to grab the attention of the target audience towards your startup business. To engage your target audience, you need to create fresh, unique, and creative content. Crafting such content can help in making a strong impact on customers. Creating informative content that the buyers would love to read and is helpful for them is important. 

This internet marketing strategy is a great way to build long-lasting relationships with your target customers. Content marketing promotes your brand awareness and boosts your brand recognition. Moreover, as it supports the SMO and SEO efforts, it is an added bonus. When you want to launch your startup in the best possible way, make sure to develop good content for your website, blog posts, and social media posts. Adding the trending content formats like infographics, images, and videos can work more to your advantage. 

6. Viral Marketing

In an era where people believe more about what is in buzz, viral marketing is an effective internet marketing strategy. And, when it is about promoting a startup, nothing can be better than creating a strong buzz about the brand. Creating a buzz will help your brand become viral on the online platform. While it may seem impossible, you can actually get success overnight. It is true that viral marketing is very effective, but it is not that easy.

In order to create a strong buzz for your startup, you need to think out of the box and create something very unique. With the best of your efforts, you can make your brand get noticed by a large number of target audiences. This type of digital marketing for startups will significantly surge the website traffic for some time. By trending your startup business, you get an opportunity to convert the traffic into successful leads. Planning out the strategies well can help in turning all the situations in favor of your startup business.

7. Influencer Marketing

The influencer marketing trend is accelerating at a faster pace in recent times. According to the surveys, a large number of startups are incorporating influencer marketing into their startup marketing plan. The percentage is expected to increase even more in the near future. Influencer marketing is one of the most effective tools that can help startups in growing their brands. Being an inexpensive startup marketing strategy, it proves to be even more beneficial. It is easy to implement and get the desired results. Along with engaging the target customers with the brand, it also helps in building trust among the customers. 

When you are planning to launch your startup business, roping in the big influencers of digital marketing can be beneficial. In case of a limited or tight budget, having a micro-influencer can also work wonders for your business. With a high engagement rate, you can easily reach out to a broader audience.

Especially on the social media platform, the use of influences continues to be a growing trend. Bloggers or the YouTubers having a huge follower base can help in promoting your startup the best. It will ensure that you reach out to all the customers throughout the globe and add authenticity to your brand.

8. Retargeting Ads

Retargeting Ads is one of the best startup marketing campaigns. While it is not always possible to convince your target audience for the very first time, you can make some more attempts. And, for doing this, retargeting ads is the best way. It helps in nudging your potential customers and keeping them reminded of your brand. It is an effective internet marketing strategy that shows relevant ads to the customers who have already visited the website of your startup business. 

The retargeting ads are generally based on the website pages that the customer has shown interest in. With a consistent reminder of your brand, the chances are high that the potential customers will turn up to your brand for making a purchase. It converts the visitors into successful leads and helps in increasing the conversion rate of your startup business. Among all the startup marketing strategies, utilizing this strategy in the best way can bring in the desired outcomes. 

9. Referral Marketing

Referral marketing is yet another effective digital marketing strategy for startups. In this strategy, you do not have to do much but enjoy the promotion of your brand. Here, your customers will do the marketing for your startup. Launching referrals programs can help startups in being a beneficial position.

You only need to share the referral code with your customers, which they will share among their contacts. If you are wondering why your customers will advertise your brand, here is the answer. They will do so because on referring your business, they will be getting additional discounts.

The discount factor will keep your customers motivated and encourage them to promote your brand even more. As they keep referring to more and more people, your startup can easily grow without you having to put many efforts. You can start the referral campaign on your website, mobile app, or on social media. Successfully using referral marketing can ensure you the best outcomes.

10. Affiliate Marketing

For startup marketing, affiliate marketing can be greatly helpful. Affiliate marketing has certain things that are similar to influencer marketing. It is also an internet marketing strategy that relies on the influence of people to grow their sales. With affiliate marketing, you can simply sit back while others do the marketing for your brand.

It is one of the simple ways of promoting startup businesses. In order to implement this marketing strategy, you would require recruiting affiliates who will help in drawing more leads for your brand. They are just like the salespeople who are ready to work for your startup advertising on the basis of commission.

In affiliate marketing, you can pay the affiliates on a flat fee basis or as per the sale generation. You provide the affiliated with customized links to your website. By sharing that link through social media platforms, they can bring more customers to your business. The links are helpful for you to keep track of the performance of the affiliates and the sales that they are able to generate.


Now that you understand the importance of digital marketing for startups, you will definitely want to implement the best strategy to grow your startup. All the strategies mentioned above will help you reach the target customers and gain higher ROI for your business. 

Following the most effective digital marketing strategies can help the startups expand their business successfully. Implementing the strategies in a proper way will help your startup business to enter new markets and reach out to more audiences. Adopting the best digital marketing strategies will definitely take your business to new success heights.

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